Aloha Volunteers!

We are the Edmonton Aloha Project, we are based out of Edmonton Alberta. We are a non-profit organization, volunteering our skills and talents to other not for profit and charity organizations. Our purpose is to bring people together that show interest in Hula and the Polynesian culture. Our goal is to spread awareness and education of Hula and the Polynesian culture in and around Edmonton. We plan and promote events throughout Alberta for people to share the Aloha spirit and have fun.

We are looking for individuals and groups to join in the fun with the Edmonton Aloha Project, you can be involved as a group or as an individual, the choice is yours. When you join the Edmonton Aloha Project, you can participate in events by performing, volunteering, and sharing Aloha spirit. Being apart of the Edmonton Aloha Project, you can attend Polynesian workshops, promote your Polynesian event, and connect with the Polynesian community.


How Does It Work?

Once you have completed and returned the form to get involved, you will receive confirmation of membership and details about how you are choosing to participate. We ask that a waiver form be completed once you understand the tasks involved for your participation. You will be considered a volunteer once the Edmonton Aloha Project Society receives the signed waiver.

Volunteer Opportunities to Perform

  1. When a request comes in for the Edmonton Aloha Project Society, an email will go out to all members. The email will identify what the charity is, what participation is needed for the volunteer event.  A deadline will be given to respond, to let EAPS know if you are wanting to participate in the event.
  2. A show order will go out prior to the show. Everyone is responsible for providing their own music, costuming, and choreography for their time slot. If time and space permits, a rehearsal will be arranged to run through the show order prior to the event. This will be the time for any adjustments to the order and any timing issues with costume change and getting familiar with each other.
  3. Show up at the event on time, prepared to have fun and share your talents.

NOTE: replying does not mean you will automatically be performing, it will depend on the amount of replies and the type of talent you are offering (type of dance, drummers, ukulele, implements being used for the dance, music- how long the number is etc.).

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Behind the scenes (News letter, assisting performers backstage, photographing, etc.)
  • Facilitating workshops (dance, crafts, implements etc.)
  • Sit on the Board of Directors
  • Greeters at an event
  • MC events
  • Set up / take down
  • Organizing an event
  • Other: The opportunities are endless

You may choose one or many ways you wish to get involved, just as you can choose which events you want to participate in.

Other Opportunities to Share:

  • When there is an inquiry about where they can learn Polynesian dancing, drumming, language or play the ukulele, the Edmonton Aloha Project Society will locate the class, details and times and respond to the inquiry with options.
  • As a Group Membership, would provide details of their classes and what they offer, the society will only send options to if they are on our list. For example, if someone is looking for a Ukulele class on Mondays, the society will send all information about the classes held on Mondays, and also a list of other Ukulele classes with contact numbers to provide a variety of options.

What does it cost?

It will not cost you anything but time. We don’t charge a membership fee and we don’t pay volunteers. Edmonton Aloha Project Society is about sharing the Aloha Spirit. There may be a cost for workshops or materials for the workshops, depending on the workshop.

How can you get involved?

It is easy as a Kaholo! Complete the form below. As you will see on the volunteer form, how you want to participate is up to you.


Register as a Volunteer